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The motivation of writing this post comes from the discussion of religion in the comments section (at the end) of this post. Actually I have a plan to write it as a paper, but consider myself is still a beginner of Taoism philosophy and my English is not good enough to express Taoism terms, I have only drafted it in Chinese. In that book-style blog I also posted my view on reality, which I think is the only thing we have to believe and then the rest (including moral) can be derived from science and reasoning (Tao). This forms a complete philosophy of life that can replace religious dogma.

Key ideas:

  1. Yi (易) means “change” or “dynamics”. There is a classic text called I Ching (易经 in Simplified Chinese, 易經 in Traditional Chinese), also known as “Book of Changes”. It is a compilation of ancient Chinese wisdom when they tried to make sense of the change keep running around them. Unfortunately it is very old and so very obscure. It may be a divination book but contain ancient Chinese understanding of dynamics. In System Dynamics context, it can be interpreted as “behaviour”, as in Behaviour Over Time (BOT) graph.
  2. Tao (道), literally means “way” or “principle”, but I think it is better be understood as “principle of how nature works” or just simply “nature” or “science”. In System Dynamics context, it can be interpreted as “structure”, or more accurately, “building blocks of System Dynamics”, “principles of System Dynamics (science of change)”. It also includes evolution, science of change on organisms. The classic text of Tao is Tao Te Ching (道德经 in Simplified Chinese, 道德經 in Traditional Chinese).
  3. Note the word Te (德) in Tao Te Ching, which means “virtue” or “moral”. Chinese usually use compound word dàodé (道德) to mean “morality”, “principles of ethics”), showing close relationship of science and morality. Modern research on evolution of morality also tries to explain morality from evolutionary perspective.

Therefore, these three key ideas become the basis of a comprehensive philosophy of life that might be essential for achieving global vision. The philosophy requires critical thinking, which demand wisdom. To improve wisdom, need to tackle nurture as well as nature.

What do you think? I would like to hear your comment.


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