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From IFPRI: research monographs Reflections on the global food crisis and policy brief Urgent actions needed to prevent recurring food crises.


Common system dynamics insight – delay makes thing worse:

“We are seeing the central banks trying to play catch-up and facing such intense inflationary pressures, in some cases, because they ran a monetary policy, set interest rates … too low for too long, on purpose,” said Chamie.

“Now they have to pay the piper. And it is time to hike rates, probably more so than what they would have had to have done if they’d just started hiking rates sooner.”

from this article.

One of the most serious and, in many cases now unpredictable, risks facing investors is “country risk” – where the political and economic stability of the host country is questionable and abrupt changes in the business environment could adversely affect profits or the value of the company’s assets.

Let’s never forget, in our rush for profit, that there is a real human cost involved.

These are not written by me, but a merciless capitalist.

India is stressing (also this news), as well as Pakistan, the two historically hostile nuclear states. How long can it be?

No single factor explains the inflation gap between developing and developed countries …

from this news.

While US worry about jobs, poor countries worry about food. Pressure is building (accumulating). How long can it be?

Categorization is often the first step towards understanding something, food security is no exception. This paper should be very useful to people who are concerned about food security.

A quiet development.

Pirate of East Africa is just a beginning…

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