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In the global warming debate, I sense that many people do not fully grasp what the “overwhelmed evidences” means. They seems to misunderstand how science develop. One evidence (e.g. experiment result) is not enough. Replication is important. The theory become well-accepted because there are many and diverse evidences provided by many people to support it. So to reject it we also need many and diverse evidences. One disagreed evidence is not enough.

I guess the reason of misunderstanding comes from our learning of science in school. I remember one saying is that the observation about deflection of light by the Sun during the total solar eclipse of May 29, 1919 “proves” the Einstein’s general relativity theory correct. This is not entirely true. There are many other subsequent evidences that gradually gain support to the general relativity theory. They are important, but generally less mentioned in the text.

Hope this help to better grasp the significance of “overwhelmed evidences” in global warming theory. It may be not completely correct, but please convince me by getting more diverse evidences. This will advance our understanding about climate as well.


While global warming is the hottest point of carbon dioxide emission reduction debate, ocean acidification seems to be forgotten. The deniers (not skeptics) generally agree that carbon dioxide emission is growing exponentially (may be they cannot deny due to Keeling Curve), what they argue is the link between carbon dioxide and global warming. OK, let’s say no global warming, how about ocean acidification?

The increase of carbon dioxide have changed the composition of carbon on the earth, especially the exponential growth means change rapidly. What is the potential impact of the change? Every action have consequence.

I am no saying we should not take any action. Change is the only constant of the world. But we should be careful, especially if the change is fast. We should think about its possible unintended consequences, whether it is tolerable or not. Global warming catches the most attention because of its high hazard, but even without it does not mean carbon dioxide emission is fine to grow. This great change of carbon cycle must affect us, since everything in the world are interconnected.

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