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Although I know the discontent among people is boiling throughout the global, the early eruption in Maldives is out of my expectation.


If it is true, the international politics as we know will not sustain very long.

Update: debt, subsidy reform, fuel price rises, political crisis.

For the time being, I would say “change people behaviours”.

Difficult because we are so poor in this area: brain-psychology-social sciences, we don’t know how they works, and so no prescription.

Understanding change (dynamics) is hard, but we have method (system dynamics), the progress of our global warming understanding is impressive. Even the current global economic downturn, while many economics still have no idea about its root cause, many System Dynamists have a good grasp about it.

Without a theoretical breakthrough in this area, we can only rely on experience that suggest some approaches may work. The problem is, it takes time to gain experience. It is not easily transferable. It is like old-time craftsman who built bridge based on experience, not modern physics. The length of the bridge is limited.

Unfortunately changing people behaviours is the most pressing issue right now. It determines the future of mankind.

I am reluctant to use religion, but it might buy us time before we are able to diffuse Education for Sustainable Development (ethics, critical thinking) to majority of population. The caveat is, religious extremism and the ingroup-outgroup bias are actually adverse to sustainability.

The Quran burning event gives the alarm. It is like having a serious drought and someone tries to light the fire. People seems to have no memory about World War I.

Current situation is urgent but there is no quick way. I can only do my best.

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