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Sign of the time, news summarized in this blog post.

As stated in this article,

Some people are just better than others at making money. This difference causes the logjam over time.

One solution is debt forgiveness for the former. Stagflation is basically that.

Stagflation indirectly taxes the people with money at home and abroad. Its slow pace fools the people with money into inaction. The victims of this policy are mainly middle class savers, not the super rich. The later are more likely to hide in income earning assets. Stagflation impoverishes middle class. The super rich gain even more political power. The society by then would be a few against all others. It is fertile ground for revolution.

The world today rewards those who borrow and spend at the low end and speculators and crony capitalists at the other. The hard working middle class who earn and save get the worst deal. These are highly educated people who keep their society together. When they have nothing to lose, expect nothing less than revolution.

economy distribution will affect the political stability, and political revolutions/conflicts will feedback to affect the economy. It is a reinforcing loop.

That is why I say it is the best interest of the elites to support Human Quality Improvement Plan. It will address the root of the problem and so that the symptoms will not recur again and again

Currently I am looking for like-minded people to refine and implement the plan together. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested.


Link to the graph

Here is the explanation of Earth Overshoot Day.

This year’s Earth Overshoot Day should be already passed. Note that there are still 4 months before end of this year.

One surprise is the graph does not show exponential growth as I expected. There was rapid growth during 2001-2005 but then slowing down. The question is when would it hit the tipping point and change the direction.

Much of the current plight of the world’s marine fisheries is a result of subsidized, industrial-scale overfishing. This is imposing an increasing burden on the poor and vulnerable, especially in developing coastal countries and small island states.

resulting overcapacity:

… there are twice as many industrial fishing vessels catching fish as the oceans can sustain.

from this commentary.

High seas and ocean are global commons.

From IFPRI: research monographs Reflections on the global food crisis and policy brief Urgent actions needed to prevent recurring food crises.

Although I know the discontent among people is boiling throughout the global, the early eruption in Maldives is out of my expectation.

Common system dynamics insight – delay makes thing worse:

“We are seeing the central banks trying to play catch-up and facing such intense inflationary pressures, in some cases, because they ran a monetary policy, set interest rates … too low for too long, on purpose,” said Chamie.

“Now they have to pay the piper. And it is time to hike rates, probably more so than what they would have had to have done if they’d just started hiking rates sooner.”

from this article.

If it is true, the international politics as we know will not sustain very long.

Update: debt, subsidy reform, fuel price rises, political crisis.

This is the first time in a century that cholera has struck the Caribbean nation, the World Health Organization said.

from this news.

India is stressing (also this news), as well as Pakistan, the two historically hostile nuclear states. How long can it be?

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