Tony Phuah
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I am interested in research on sustainability issues, using System Dynamics as research method, a methodology for studying and managing complex dynamic problems.

Sustainability issues are complex (policy resistance, counterintuitive) due to their dynamics (behaviour change over time), generated by web of interdependencies (feedbacks) – social-ecological system, the interactions between human society and ecosystem. This will involve modeling of the structure, simulation of the dynamics, understanding of the root causes and leverage points, integrated policy design and implementation iterations. Only then we can increase our ability to cope with change, as well as managing unintended consequences through systemic intervention.

Coming from engineering and software background, I was new to this area. I begin to explore, share my thoughts and ideas to whom may interest. If you are the one, don’t hesitate to join. Any discussion, feedback and valuable contribution are appreciated.

It is extremely challenging, we know.

Last updated: 20 August 2009