Dear subscriber,

I am very sorry that I have moved to new blog, because after I learned about the insight of “not over-” / “not too much”, Moderation and balance, I think I have moved to new phase of life and a new blog is better to reflect it. I am no longer just “thinking for Sustainability” but “thinking and doing”, moving and idle, balance between active and passive.

Please subscribe to the new blog to keep updated. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will not move the blog again as the new blog is just my name, I will not need to change the name of the blog again if I would move to new phase of life. Really sorry for this time.

I will leave this blog as it is and post new posts to the new blog. So please subscribe the new blog as I will update the new blog from time to time when inspiration comes.

Sorry again and thanks for your interest!

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