Growth->overshoot->collapse is natural mechanism of evolution to select quality by quantity growth. Because of delays, organism tends to overshoot and so collapse eventually. Due to the love of human beings, we should not wait for natural feedback loops to improve ourselves in suffering manner but to consciously develop quality improvement mechanism ourselves by creating quick feedback loops:

  • Rich pay poor for not to give birth
  • Currently education is under investment, for developing human potential to care about others and critical thinking. More investment needs to be diverted from health care and national security investment.
  • democracy – example of quick feedback loop to keep policy makers in check, already widely available. There is still room for improvement, especially in the global level.
  • encourage mixed marriage, relax migration, let all people learn from each others.
  • quick signals and responses – collect and publish information about environment, society and economy conditions regularly. Plan in advance what to do if signal runs out of desirable range.

If successful, this will be a great leap of humanity.