I know it is hard to embrace this idea for scientific thinking people. But for inquisitive people who would like to get to the root, they can always learn the science behind. Not all people are curious about science (e.g. they are more interested in arts, sport), we need to balance it.

Note that I use education ‘for’ sustainability to imply that the act to religionize it has a (my) intention behind.

Using existing religions, religion is a good tool.

Religion is to make decision making simpler.

paraphrased from this post. Dichotomy (or more complicated categorization) makes decision making no-brainer, but also less realistic than balancing the trade-off. The idea of balance can be found in Confucian, Buddhism as well as Western philosophy. In the latter, there is an interesting view:

… the motto to the French Revolution, upholding the necessary conjunction of the three terms, freedom, equality and fraternity. Fraternity was included often to connect the two extremes.

Of course, have to be aware that not all middle ground is always correct, as in media coverage of global warming debate. Life is not so simple like that.

More thought on its pro and con.