Instead of labelled it specifically as Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) or education about sustainability, I would rather frame it as education for future. Indeed, the 4 key parts of this education (engages people in building a shared vision for our common future, critical thinking, 大视野 broad view and understanding of dynamics) are the must for young generations so that they can deal with challenges in their future.

In my opinion, the purpose of education (schools, teaching/learning) is to prepare people to deal with challenges in the future. People need to “learn” to be responsible global citizens, not just to be “informed”. When given conflicting advices from different experts, people need to learn how to evaluate. No one can help them making decision. They need to learn themselves, for their future. What we can do is providing opportunities for them to learn these knowledge, skills, methods, understanding, clarify their values, attitudes, vision and motivation. This is what education about.