Happiness may be your lifelong goal.

But how long term the happiness you would like to have? Just current state of pleasure? Or also today, this quarter, this year, medium term (3-5 years), long term (>10 years), until you retire, until you die, future of next generations, or even future of unborn future generations?

And how broad is your happiness? Just including yourself? Or also your family, relatives, friends, neighbours, local people, country people, humanity, animals, living things in the earth, or even living things in the universe?

The trick of happiness is that you can sacrifice your happiness in the future for your happiness in the moment, or sacrifice happiness of the others for happiness of your own. Spend or save, directly throw waste water to the river or set up costly cleaning facilities to treat it before discharge into the river, both can mean happiness with different definition.

I would advocate our goal should be sustainable and inclusive happiness – 可持续和包容性的幸福、可持续和包容性的快乐. This is a question of value.