While considering what should be the purpose of education, I would like you to reflect upon two key considerations – the unpredictability of the future, and the challenges of our planet’s sustainability. Our answers must inevitably lead to a review of the existing curriculum, that prepares children to pass examinations and not succeed in life.

The future is unknowable and cannot be predicted. A child who joins school today will retire in 2065 and can be expected to live upto the age of 85. The challenge for schools is starting us in the face. How do schools prepare a student for a future that cannot be predicted, with jobs that do not exist, with technologies that have yet to be invented, and solve problems that have yet to be identified? Academic achievements alone cannot equip a student to face the future.

There is another challenge that has already arrived at our doorsteps – the challenge of ensuring the sustainability of the planet that is under frontal attack by poverty, climate change, religious fundamentalism, violation of human rights, and conflicts.

from a good speech by Arjun Ray, CEO of Indus Trust.