If last decade is the lost decade, now is the decisive moment. When the old path is clear to be harder and harder to continue, either we change first, or be forced to change to adapt. In this time of change, good luck and best wishes.

Update: Interesting piece by Tony Blair. I do not agree his suggested policies, but the quote below.

To decide how to do that is to decide fundamentally what we believe in and what we want from our future. In deciding this, only the head can guide us in how to do it; but the heart must tell us what it is we truly believe in doing.

Rationality guides us how to do, the heart tell us what we want. Or in Chinese, 理性是生存的武器,感性是活着的目的。

What you really want?

Imagining, at first generally and then increasing specificity, what you really want?

What you really want, not what someone has taught you to want, and what you willing to settle for.

We all will die one day. What do you really want?

Ask yourself. You will know what should do.

Thanks Donella Meadows for this question. I did not know her when she was alive, but her spirit in her works will be in my heart.