Limits to growth is the insight gained from world modelling. It is also found in many other cases as well, including limits to growth of mature industry, overdrunk and collapse, housing bubble and dissolution of Soviet Union. They were really dazzling during their peak, and many thought they will grow forever. However, the result is, nothing have ever grown endless. Mostly due to physical limit. 0 is already nothing, you canot go below 0. One of the good recent example is the limit of US interest rate cut. In monetary theory, US economy can be stimulated by continue cutting interest rate, even into negative territory. But by doing so will bring unintended consequences that may harm US economy at the end. This means that the use of interest rate to stimulate economic growth has hit its limit.

Unfortunately, insight cannot be told. It is best understood when audiences found out themselves. It needs well-crafted exercise to guide audiences to explore. It needs motivating teachers who are good at the art of teaching. It needs engaging learners who are willing to learn. It takes time. These requirements are stiff. No wonder most modelling insights are failed to communicate.

Appreciation of the difficulty of dynamics is also an insight gained from building System Dynamics models. This may be why many System Dynamists are humble. We need to be prudent. Unfortunately, as with other insights, it is hard to be appreciated by simply telling. You need the war to appreciate the peace.

This is my insight about insight.