I have a dream that one day the world is peaceful. All conflicts are resolved in conference table, not war, not terrorism, and surely not piracy. The international institution in place makes this possible, and the institution is flexible enough to be able to keep improving.

I have a dream that one day we always place common interest on top of self-interest. We understand the tragedy of the commons, how individuals acting rationally based on self-interest can ruins all finally.

I have a dream that one day we balance short-term and long-term benefits in making policy. We consider possible scenarios of the intervention, taking account of future generations, striving to expand their option to meet their own needs as large as possible.

I have a dream today!

I hava a dream that one day people can think critically and aware of the dynamic complexity of the social problems. We have learnt how their behaviours can be understood in terms of accumulation, feedback, delay and nonlinearity concepts.

I hava a dream that one day no more developed or developing countries – the distinction is blur. Hunger or malnutrition becomes history. Rich-poor gap is closed to a range that eliminates poverty while spurring people to make an effort for better living.

I hava a dream that one day we live within our means. We consume resource no more than it can be renewed, generate waste no faster than the nature can absorb. We differentiate needs and wants. We know enough is enough.

That’s my dream. What’s yours?