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Have you ever envisioned one day we will spread out of the earth and live in outer space? Or you may have other vision of future you would like to have. Regardless of what kind of vision you have, it is important for you to have one, to achieve what you really want.

This is the most important lesson for me in my journey of pursuing sustainability. It is the source of motivation to act. It is the source of commitment to persist. By building a shared vision with others, it is the basis of reconciliation of our differences (races, religion, language, culture) and basis of cooperation to overcome difficulties along the way to our vision.

Share vision, get committed, then we can start to talk about the problem and the solution.

Problem: Current state of the world is not what we want (envision). There is a gap between our vision and current state of the world. The problem is how to reduce the gap.

Let’s say our vision is ‘one day human will go out of the earth and live in outer space’.

Current state of the world: global economy hits the limit to growth, rich get richer, poor get poorer, prices hike, food crisis, political instabilities, failed states, terrorism, global warming, peak oil, threat of epidemic… In short, it has overshot the Earth’s carrying capacity and going to collapse.

Solution: Find out the root causes and design the systematic solution that can manage it towards our vision.

The deepest cause of all collapses is the natural mechanism of evolution to select quality by quantity growth.

Therefore, since it is not our vision to collapse, we can change the direction of the current global civilization to what we want.

Actually our current global civilization is not without achievement. Compared to Middle Ages, we have free market (freedom begets ingenuity) and fair democracy (fairness ensures voice of everyone born being heard, participatory). But why we still cannot prevent collapse?

Freedom begets ingenuity, good, so we have science and technology. But extreme freedom without restrain also enlarge the gap of human due to inherent variability of the human quality. This can be seen by disparity of rich-poor gap. The original purpose of democracy institution is to provide timely feedback so that freedom is not taken into extreme, but unfortunately due to large human quality gap, the institution is still being captured.

Therefore, what is lacking is mechanism to control the gap of human quality. This mechanism is necessary for achievements of ingenuity to be sustainable. Without this mechanism, market and democracy will eventually fail.

The mechanism required are ‘Rich pay poor for not to give birth’ and ‘Equal quality education opportunity’. The latter is important for intergenerational mobility.

Other important policy is ‘Balanced integration’. Learned from many issues caused by current model of globalization/Europeanisation, economy integration should be synchronised with social(cultural) and political integration. If social(cultural) and political integration takes time, economy integration should also be put to a halt. If we are not too hurry, sooner or later, we will integrate. Intermarriage is the ultimate integration.

In summary, “Free market, Fair democracy, Rich pay poor for not to give birth, Equal quality education opportunity and Balanced integration”. This will transform our world to a better and better world.

Let’s have vision now.

Share vision, get committed, improve ourselves.

Thinking for Sustainability

Last updated: 5 November 2013